Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Playing solitaire drunk is an exercise in futility.

And pretty freakn lame!

Nectar of the Freakin' Gods!!!



BossLady had fun for part one of her birthday.

She drove me to work so she could swipe my car for the day, which was a good thing, since she needed the extra space.

She raided the BevMo in Long Beach.

It was her 21st birthday (HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY LADY!).

I don't know how much she spent, but I know I won't need to stock up for a bit.

Probably something like 2 months.

Or 2 minutes, knowing us.


I took her to dinner in Newport Beach at the Cheesecake Factory there, per her request. It was her first time ordering a LOADED drinks.


She knows more is coming this week, but doesn't know what.

She knows we are going out of town.

She knows water is involved.

Beyond that?

That's my dirty little secret.

Let's just say she is going to grow up a LOT this weekend.

Or not.

Will keep you posted....

Today was good.

A friend and manager from the same company as me came to my store and complimented how we are doing, which means a lot to me in these times. He is one of the top managers in our district, and for him to say good things about my store is a plus.

That and he can drink me under the table without trying (I must have lost my touch since college... damn!).

Anyway, he is going to look after my store and crew while I take a short vacation next week. What a guy.

So I bought him a few drinks after work today.

Let me tell you, it made driving in OC a TON of fun tonight.

I only had two, and made them do a sobriety check on me before I left (which I aced).

I think I would have been better off driving buzzed in OC traffic. At least that way I wouldn't drive scared.

When I got home, it was time for another beer.

Gotta love the BossLady. She's got me stocked up.


Feel no pain....

Alcohol is such a beautiful thing...